Debt Syndication

Debt Syndication

Term Loan Financing

Term loan facility is provided by the Bank to various Business entities in order to carry out the capital expenditure. The various types of Capital Expenditure include plant erecting, capital expenditure, new industrial undertaking and acquisition of movable assets.Read More On Term Loan Financing

Working Capital Financing

In today’s fast growing and developing era of industries, it has now become hard for an industry/organization to survive without sufficient Working Capital. It provides maximum flexibility to an organization for better development. For at least once every Corporate/Firm/Entity requires working capital finance to meet the entire range of short-term fund requirements that helps the company in the following:Read More On Working Capital Financing

Facroring Services

Factoring is described as a financial transaction that is done to plays as a funding process to fund the business using its account receivable. Companies which are having low capitol reserves usually gets into cash flow problems because of the invoices paid on trade credit terms. Factoring solutions helps an organization to fund slow paying invoices that helps in improving the cash flow of the organization.Read More On Facroring Services

SBLC Financing

SBLC is known as the stand by letter of credit that comes into play when two parties enter into the contract calling for one party to arrange letter of credit in favor of the other. LC and SBLC letters are both used to ensure the financial safety between the international traders that is the sellers and buyers. SBLC is a credible term, it’s only important when investors are foreign clients since the SBLC is the only way to Assign a trader as temporary beneficiary.Read More On SBLC Financing

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