Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

Market Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is the formal understanding and study of the scope and changes of success of the product in the market. Hence it is important for any company to carry out the feasibility study before the launch of the product in any market. Especially in a very new market, the product feasibility study is carried out keeping in view the product, its characters, features, pricing and the nature of Industry. Following are some of the very important aspect and areas covered in the feasibility study for any product. Read More on Market Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study – Location

Geographically India is very wide and versatile, it has 35 States and 4 Metro Cities, handles majority of business of India. In the previous 15 years India has developed multifold and there has been lot of work done in the Real Estate & Infrastructure sector. The governments have become friendly and now the states are providing best of facility to attract the Investment in India. Every state has its unique benefits with respect to the sector they attract.Read More On Feasibility Study – Location

Feasibility Study – Taxation

Indian tax structure is not really very easy to understand, there are many types of taxation applicable in India to business running in India. Sometimes it is difficult to understand by the Indian business community. So understanding the same by foreign Company become more complex after comparing these structure with that of the developed economies in the world. Read More On Feasibility Study – Taxation

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