Feasibility Study – Location

Feasibility Study – Location

Geographically India is very wide and versatile, it has 35 States and 4 Metro Cities, handles majority of business of India. In the previous 15 years India has developed multifold and there has been lot of work done in the Real Estate & Infrastructure sector. The governments have become friendly and now the states are providing best of facility to attract the Investment in India. Every state has its unique benefits with respect to the sector they attract.

It is really very important for the foreign company to understand the location of its business before deciding on the location of its business. Some states specialize in IT Sector and some are into manufacturing and Oil etc.

If the foreign Company plans to enter at a trading Company in India then it is important to understand their sourcing hub in India or the import country for India and this leads to finalizing proper location to import at a port that can help the proper distribution of their product across the market in India.

For the companies looking to setup manufacturing facility in India it becomes more important to assess the location w.r.t understanding the various types of infrastructure they would be requiring to setup the manufacturing facility.

Our report on the feasibility study helps the foreign company to know the following important information on the location search:-

  • Availability of Land
  • Easy of Sourcing
  • Customer Reachability
  • Availability of Infrastructure
  • Government friendliness
  • Taxes & Financing structure
  • State Incentive & Scheme
  • Availability of Manpower skilled & Semi skilled
  • Regional Attributes
  • Transportation features of Location

The above given are some of the important factors Company should know, The scope can be mutually decided with the client and accordingly the study can be made to understand the client requirement.

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