Feasibility Study – Taxacation

Feasibility Study – Taxacation

Indian tax structure is not really very easy to understand, there are many types of taxation applicable in India to business running in India. Sometimes it is difficult to understand by the Indian business community. So understanding the same by foreign Company become more complex after comparing these structure with that of the developed economies in the world.

In order to take decision on the India Entry, it is really very important for the foreign company to understand the complete structure of Taxation applicable to them once they are operating in India. This is where they these company need to have proper consultant to understand the implication of these structure in India.

We carry out the feasibility report of the complete tax structure that would be applicable to these foreign Companies once they are established and registered in India. Ideally the report on the taxation covers the following taxes applicable on the trading, manufacturing and import export Companies.

Income Taxation
Tax Deduction at Sourcen Withholding Tax
Dividend Distribution Tax
Advance Taxation
Value Added Taxation
Central Sales Tax
Professional Tax
Central Excise Duty
Custom Duty on Imports
Octroi / LBT

Consolidated report providing you information on each and every aspect of various taxes applicable to your business including the details on the dates of payment and filling of return by the Company. Various details relating to exemption, Government Notification or special benefits from government of India. Option to avail the setup of taxes paid on the input of raw material etc.

Report along with our consultation plays very vital role in the clients decision making for its product placement in India and helps them to take decision to enter the Indian market.

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