Market Feasibility Study

Market Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is the formal understanding and study of the scope and changes of success of the product in the market. Hence it is important for any company to carry out the feasibility study before the launch of the product in any market. Especially in a very new market, the product feasibility study is carried out keeping in view the product, its characters, features, pricing and the nature of Industry. Following are some of the very important aspect and areas covered in the feasibility study for any product.

Current Market Environment
  • Market size of the product (Volume and Value)
  • Competition – Major Players and Market Share
  • Pricing structure
  • Distribution Channel
  • Packaging
Customer Behavior
  • Customer Profiling
  • Demography/ Physiography of Customer
  • Understanding Customer Behaviors
Supply Chain
  • Product import Country
  • Domestic Sourcing option
  • Nearest ports for Imports
Strategy / Launch Plan
  • Type of Distribution Agreement
  • Proposed Product Pricing
  • Channel of distribution
  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Sales Plan
  • Organization & Manpower
Business Plan Projection
  • Tentative Profit & Loss Account
  • Tentative Cash Flow

The report is not only restricted to the above criteria’s, there are many other factors to this and can be mutually decided with the Companies to provide them the best of information, which helps them to take decision on the India setup.

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