Payroll Processing Services

Payroll Processing Services

In a company payroll is the sum of all the financial records of salary for an employee including bonus and deductions. Payroll plays a very important role in a company for several reasons and it also affect the net income of most companies which are subjected to laws and regulations of governing authorities. Primary mission of payroll department is to make sure that the employees are paid accurately, timely with the correct withholdings and right deductions.

Payroll Processing Services From Our Company Includes:

  • Payroll tax returns preparation
  • Documentation of payroll reports
  • Checking processing and delivery
  • Keeping updated with the quarterly and annual tax reports
  • Managing time and attendance system
  • Direct deposit payments options (paperless)

At S.R corporate we provide proficient high quality payroll services to our clients for better productivity in their business. Our expert’s advice and administrative tasks helps our customers in reducing costs and increasing profits in their business. We provide a complete review of payroll services to our customers so that they can take better decisions on payment options. Our company makes sure that the hassle of handling payroll in-house is avoided and complete focus is paid on the core business.

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