Your Man In India

Your Man In India

Indian economy is currently most promising Economy in the world and every Global business would like to reap the fruits of this growth story. But the Concern is to follow the procedures of setup, licenses and documentation for setting up your business in India and then ensuring and understanding the Indian market.

Now you do not need to get into legal hassles of India setup if you are new to India market, Just “APPOINT & MANAGE” your marketing team in India. And once you are sure and confident about the Indian market and if you feel you can play more aggressively in the Indian market then then you Start your legal procedures.

This unique service of “APPOINT & MANAGE” is designed keeping in mind the small and medium business  overseas who want to do business in India but do not want to take risk to incur huge documentation , Procedure , Legal Hassle , Waiting period and other phycology barriers of starting business in India.

Now you can just Plus & Play your business in India avoiding all legal and other barriers of Indian market. Just “APPOINT & MANAGE”


Benefits of “YOUR MAN IN INDIA” Services

  • No Due Diligence for India.
  • No Need to Incorporate Company/Branch Office/Liaison Office.
  • No Need to Take any Business Registration.
  • No Need to Carry out Day to day compliance for India.
  • No Need to Maintain Books of Account.
  • No Annual Compliance.
  • No hassles of Banking and Compliance.
  • No Formal Entry Into India & Documentation.
  • Easy Exit from Indian market with Notice period.
  • No Legal & Compliance Risk.
  • One Time Setup Fees
  • Recurring Cost + Mark up Fees

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